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Change Politics was formed in February 2019, in response to the failures of the established, main political parties. Driven by a desire to advance the outdated way Britain does politics, we at Change Politics have set off on a mission to explore progressive, left of centre thinking - with the aim of promoting a moderate, civil and balanced way forward.

Our site provides news, views and comments for supporters of Change UK or more broadly, modern thinkers, who believe that now is the right time to rethink the way we do politics in the U.K.

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Jo Thorne (McCarron), co-editor.

Jo served as a key seat parliamentary candidate for the Labour Party in 2015. She was also a former member of Labour’s National Policy Forum until 2018 and previously worked as a political press officer.

Jo Thorne (McCarron)

Jo Thorne (McCarron)

Ollie Middleton

Ollie Middleton

Ollie Middleton, co-editor.

Ollie is a former Labour Party member of seven years. While a member of The Labour Party, he stood as a parliamentary candidate at the 2015 general election and worked for two MPs. He is currently selected as a ‘Change UK - The Independent Group’ MEP candidate in the South West.

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