Change on the horizon: TIG activists welcome new party.

Activists supporting TIG are delighted the group has applied to register as a political party in order to stand candidates in any European elections.

Under the current system of proportional representation used to elect Members of the European Parliament, any group must be registered as a political party in order to field candidates.

The U.K. Government has been advised by the European Commission (EC) that polling day for these elections should be held on Thursday 23rd May. In order for The Independent Group to field candidates, they have been advised to submit an application to become a political party “urgently”  to allow time to register for nominations.

Therefore, The Independent Group have submitted their application and today we are delighted to learn the new party will be called ‘Change UK’

We understand the MPs will continue their current roles for the group, with Heidi Allen appointed to become Interim Leader of the new party for the purposes of EC registration until the election of a permanent leader at an inaugural conference in September.

Co-editor of Change Politics, Jo McCarron, welcomed the announcement.

“Our politics is broken, and the UK needs a progressive alternative to the business as usual politics of the established parties.”

“We’re confident that Change UK will set our a transformative agenda to change our politics and our country. This will start with the forthcoming EU elections, where we expect Change UK to field a range of principled candidates who will put our national interest first. This is the change our country has been waiting for.”