Save us from Brexit chaos: Give us a ‘People’s Vote’

“The question of Brexit must be given back to the people in a People’s Vote – it is the only credible option that remains”. This was Anna Soubry’s response to last night’s series of indicative votes on Brexit options.

She’s right of course. The House of Commons has reached a stalemate and simply cannot agree on the best way forward. It’s painful viewing.

Has there ever been a time our Parliament has been in such disarray? On one side we have The Conservative Party utterly divided and in turmoil – hell bent on ruthlessly putting their party before the national interest. To call it pandemonium is an understatement. Likewise, we have The Labour Party still harping on about their so called “better Brexit” - and trying every which way to avoid giving a clear position on a People’s Vote, despite its conference policy. Labour are more interested in using the disaster to get through the doors of number 10 Downing Street than they are about the dreadful impact Brexit will have on the country. One might ask, what have we done to deserve this?

So it’s a relief to see that some within Parliament are putting the interests of the UK first. Last night The Independent Group MPs voted in favour of a People’s Vote and in favour of the revocation of Article 50.

It’s now urgent to find a way out of this mess. It’s apparent that Parliament can not reach a consensus on the type of Brexit it wants. The only thing that is now clear is that Parliament agrees a no-deal Brexit is not the way forward.

So this leaves us back at square one, pondering on how we reached this point.

It’s strikingly clear that the type of Brexit that was sold to the British people simply can’t be delivered. It is obvious that the only escape from the Brexit chaos is to give the British people in a ‘People’s Vote’ and let the British people decide how this story ends.

Jo Thorne (McCarron) is co-editor of Change Politics and a former Labour PPC. @JoMcCarron

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