Opposition Groups Unite to Push for a People’s Vote

Spokespeople from opposition groups have this afternoon issued a joint statement demanding a Peoples Vote.

Chuka Umuna, from The Independent Group, along with Ian Blackford of the SNP, Caroline Lucas of the Green Party and Liz Saville-Roberts of Plaid Cymru held a joint press conference, after which the following statement was delivered:

“The UK is in the midst of a Brexit crisis led by a Government dictated by incompetence. Given everything we now know - and the detrimental impact Brexit will have on the UK’s economy, job opportunities and people’s livelihoods, the priority must be bringing the issue back to the people in a People’s Vote – with the option to remain on the ballot paper.

“We are in agreement that there is no such thing as a good Brexit and that people across the UK face being worse off.

“We have shown over the past three years we are willing to find a compromise position to end the impasse.

Time is fast running out and any compromise that is reached must be brought back to the people through a fresh referendum, and keep the option to revoke Article 50 on the table to avoid a no-deal Brexit”

Today’s intervention is a timely development given the Prime Minister’s statement last night, in which she invited the leader of the opposition Jeremy Corbyn to 10 Downing Street for talks -thereby signalling a shift in Government policy towards a softer Brexit.

However, the involvement of the Labour Party in crafting a way forward has already lead to two ministerial resignations this morning. Additionally, there is confusion about Jeremy Corbyn’s position, caused by a now familiar pattern of statement and counter-statement from the Labour Party. Initially, a spokesperson for Jeremy Corbyn had confirmed that he would agree to a deal which ended reciprocal freedom of movement rights. However, Shadow Foreign Secretary Emily Thornbury then contradicted this several hours later.

The joint statement has subsequently taken on even greater significance, following this afternoon’s vote in the Commons on whether or not to continue with the indicative vote process, which had resulted in no clear outcome.

With the Government now seeking a further extension to Article 50, and Parliament in turmoil, it has become more important than ever for the opposition parties to work together to ensure a Brexit compromise in our national interest.

Opposition parties have indicated that they are willing to support a deal. However, given it has now become clear that any form of Brexit will result in significant damage to economic growth, jobs, and wages, it’s vital that voters be given a final say on Brexit in the form of a Peoples Vote.