Change UK launch campaign as the Remain Alliance

It was great to see so many supporters of ‘Change UK - The Independent Group’ pack the venue as the new party launched their campaign for the European elections in Bristol.

Newly selected MEP candidates travelled far and wide to deliver a loud and clear message that Change UK would support a People’s Vote and campaign to remain and reform the EU. And what a diverse bunch they were too. All driven by the desire to fix Britain’s broken politics, former Labour, Conservative, Liberal Democrat, Green, and SNP members, activists and candidates - and people who have no political background at all, came together to stand under one banner and represent the party as a clear, unambiguous remain alliance. Good also to see the selection of candidates is gender balanced 50/50 men and women.

But here at Change Politics, we’re especially excited to announce that one of the selected MEP candidates is our very own co-editor Ollie Middleton who is third on the list in the South West. Congratulations Ollie!

We wish all the selected candidates the best of luck as they embark on their campaigns.

Here’s a few highlights from the speeches:

Interim Leader of Change UK – The Independent Group, Heidi Allen MP, said:

“I am very proud to lead this team of candidates. They come from all walks of life and from right across the country: teachers, nurses, carers, ex-members of our Armed Forces, public sector, private sector, people from political backgrounds and people who are new to politics. This is the home of the Remain Alliance.”

Group Spokesperson for Change UK – The Independent Group, Chuka Umunna MP, said:

“If, like us, you love our country and believe the UK is kind-hearted, generous in spirit, and open to new ideas; if you are proud of our history but determined to embrace the future; if you believe that key to those things is working internationally through the EU and with others, keeping our seat at the top table – then sign up to support us, campaign with us and, above all, vote for us in the European elections on 23 May.”

Brexit spokesperson for Change UK – The Independent Group, Anna Soubry MP, said:

“Change UK are proud to say that we are the party of the People’s Vote. We are as one in our belief that Brexit must go back to the people for their final say. Unlike Labour, we’re absolutely clear – no backroom deals, no faffing about: we demand a People’s Vote.”

Gavin Esler, who spoke at today’s launch and tops Change UK – The Independent Group’s election list for the London region, said:

“Nigel Farage and Jacob Rees-Mogg claim to speak for the British people. They do not. They stole our British patriotism – and I want it back. We know Britain is better than the politics of the past. We know that stopping Brexit is the first step to a better Britain. It’s time for a change. It’s time for Change UK.”

Victoria Groulef, who spoke at today’s launch and is number two for Change UK – The Independent Group’s election list for the South East region, said:

“Political change requires guts, determination, resilience and leadership. It would be easy to say ‘I’m sick of politics’ and to walk away. But that’s not my style – and that’s why I’m delighted to be part of this movement that seeks to change politics and our country for good.”

Andrea Cooper, who spoke at today’s launch and tops Change UK – The Independent Group’s election list for the North West, said:

“For many years I have been dedicated to helping young people, and it is young people who stand to gain the most by staying in Europe. It has been clear to me for a while now that the main political parties are letting us down. It is urgent that young people, men and ordinary women like me get out and vote on 23 May for Change UK: the Remain Alliance

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